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Jacob Javits Center: Printed Materials for Business Conferences

What are some good options of getting printed materials for business conferences in NYC? The Jacob Javits Center is a large convention and conference center in New York City. Many business conferences and trade shows take place at the venue throughout the year.

If you have a business conference or trade show coming soon, you may be busy with the budget, planning, and preparation. Such business events can be overwhelming for hosts and attendees.

Printed Materials for Business Conferences Jacob Javits NYC

That said, conferences and trade shows offer an excellent opportunity to make a lasting impression. So, how can you get your brand’s name out there and provide information about your business? The answer is in printed marketing solutions.

Printed Material Options for Businesses Conferences

Physical marketing is critical to your brand’s presence at any formal business event. Choose a reliable printing service like Automation Graphics to produce printed marketing media for your upcoming conference at the Jacob Javits Center.

Business Cards

Usually, business conferences offer an opportunity to interact with other businesses in the industry. Exchanging business cards is a great way to start a mutually-beneficial relationship.

Offering your business card to a representative from another company allows them to contact you for a follow-up meeting. Having business cards on hand increases your brand’s chances for better recognition, especially if you’re new.

That said, your business card should be unique so that it can stand out from other business cards at the conference. Automation Graphics offers various printing options, including foil stamping, embossing/ debossing, and more. High-quality printing will likely compel businesses to contact you and learn more about your business.

Flyers & Brochures

Flyers and brochures serve as excellent marketing tools at business conferences.

Depending on your business’ niche, you might even want to make such printed materials the main printed item. Like business cards, you can hand over a brochure or flyer to business owners or representatives you interact with at the conference. Or, you can distribute them at the end of a conference.

Essentially, flyers and brochures serve the same purpose- providing information about your brand, product, or service. The significant difference between the two materials is the amount of information you can provide. A flyer is a sheet with little information, an image/ logo, etc. On the other hand, brochures are small booklets that require reading.

Product One-Sheeters

Conferences at Jacob Javits Center are huge and often comprise various activities and segments. Besides, you might even get a chance to sell your brand’s newly launched products at your business booth in the convention center.

Businesspersons often make purchases at business conferences and trade shows as a friendly gesture to learn about the company. Booths offer an incredible opportunity to promote your products and build a brand reputation among competitors.

However, all individuals visiting your booth will not purchase your product and may even hesitate to initiate a conversation. While you don’t need to act like a salesperson, you can offer individuals to take along a product one-sheeter.

Best Printed Materials for Business Conferences in Jacob Javits Center NYC

Product one-sheeters are printed papers with information about your product, including features and benefits. Such printed materials allow you to market products without a heavy sales pitch.

Printed Materials for Business Conferences: Conclusion

Printed marketing materials are still effective for attracting customers and increasing brand recognition. Business cards, flyers, brochures, and product one sheeters are great options for businesses to develop brand image among the competition.

That said, printed materials for a conference at Jacob Javits should be of the highest quality possible. If that’s what you’re looking for, Automation Graphics serves well. We provide exceptional services at an affordable rate. You can contact us via email or call us at (646) 205-3037 to speak with an expert.

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Marketing for Trade Shows and Conventions

Innovative Marketing Materials for Trade Shows and Conventions

The marketing landscape has changed significantly in the past few years. The capability of commercial printers to help you take advantage of marketing opportunities by providing materials that were previously impossible, or prohibitively expensive, to produce has changed too.

Trade Show Booths

Quality display materials for trade show booths are now available from your local printer at very reasonable prices. Large format ink-jet technology can be used to create display items such as wall posters and pull-up banners, allowing your business to look as good as any other participant at the show. Coupling your display with quality “take away” items like brochures and business cards that have coordinated content and visuals will increase the impact of your installation.

Banners and Signs

Large sized print production used to be the domain of large corporations, who could afford to pay premium prices for production of billboard advertisements and big posters. Today, commercial printers can prepare many different types of material in large sizes, including signs and posters that can be placed outdoors in adverse weather.

Trade Show


Most of the time, presenters reach for the digital projector when they’re incorporating visuals into their talks. The problem with the “death by PowerPoint” method is that, when the lights are turned down, your potential customer’s mind will tend to wander. As an alternative, consider incorporating as many large-format print materials as you can for visual aids into your presentations. They look great, and have the advantage of being visible when the lights are on, which will keep the participant’s attention focused on the material you’re presenting.

Design Considerations

As a smaller business, you will be hard-pressed to compete with some of the companies you’re going to be sharing the venue with at conferences and trade shows. Many corporations will be able to outspend you, but with quality design work and judicious use of a good commercial printer, they won’t necessarily outclass you. The key to a good visual presence is to ensure you present a unified message to your consumer. If you don’t have a top-shelf in-house design department, outsource the work. Good design will unify all of your promotional materials, resulting in a better impression on your potential customer.

You’ll also need to enlist the services of a good printer. To work with the best printer in NYC, call today for a free, no-obligation quote on all your commercial printing needs.

Best Printing NYC

Printing for Business Events

Printing for Business Events

Visibility is a key component to successful advertising. This is why printing for business events has become so important. For instance, professionally created invitations, post cards, stickers, envelopes and other materials will create a sophisticated presence for your company. Subpar company materials will create a negative impression for your company, which will turn clients away as they look for services elsewhere. Printed materials are often the first impression you will make on clients, so it is important that they provide a professional image.


Printing for Conferences

Business conferences provide the perfect atmosphere for getting your business name out there. You can increase your potential client base by offering customized folders that are printed with your company name on the front and that include booklets and other information about your products or services within. Professionally-created banners or posters will draw people to your table.

Make sure that the materials you provide are consistent with your company’s logo and colors. This type of continuity will help clients to remember your company. At Automation Graphics we provide superb services when it comes to customizing a variety of products. You will be offered a myriad of templates and can submit your company logo for reproduction on printed products.


Printing for a Variety of Corporate Events

Whether you need printing for small business meetings or printing for corporate business events, you will find that we will be able to assist you in any and all of your printing needs. You can become as creative as you would like by offering small printed products such as business cards or can draw attention to your company with tent cards. When attending corporate events, it is important to stick out from the competition in a professional manner that will attract potential clients.


We are a Commercial Printing Service that You can Trust

The printing company that you use can make all the difference in the quality of your printed materials. We use the most advanced printing equipment. We are able to print products in a variety of formats. We will always provide you with a dependable source to turn to whenever you are in need of printing services. We will also provide the consistency that is necessary for effective advertising through printed products.

Customer service is also an important factor when it comes to finding a commercial printing company. There may be times when you need printed promotional products in a hurry and will need help with design or other issues. We are a company that you can count on always.

With exceptional printing services on hand, you will be able to use custom design printing to your advantage by greatly boosting your marketing potential. We can provide printed materials on varying grades of paper and card stock using the most contemporary machinery. You can then provide high-quality invitations, cards, brochures, report covers, or anything else you can imagine that will present your company in the best light possible.

Please contact us today for all of your printing and design needs!

Printing Materials for Events Part Two

Type Of Event

Depending on the type of event that you are planning, you will have varying printing needs. For a wedding, for instance, you have to choose just how elaborate you want your invitations to be. A baby christening event doesn’t need to be as elaborate as a business event. For a convention event or a 42796training session, you want to ensure that you are properly prepared and have all the promotional items that ensure a successful event and follow-up. Your attendees need to get all the required information to succeed at the event while you, at the same time, have the ability to promote your services and any upcoming events/training.

Printing materials for events can make or break the occasion, especially a corporate function. Visual perception by the participants is a key component. If you use cheap, unprofessional materials to promote or present your information, the perception will be that the event will be poorly and unprofessionally presented. Your best choice for your printing needs, regardless of the event, is a professional printing company.

Event dates are “Etched in Stone” so any materials that are delayed for any reason, can cause real headaches.

At Automation Graphics, our 50 + years of local service and knowledge can assist you with difficult CylinderPresstasks, especially with timing.

We are centrally located in Midtown near the Jacob Javitts Convention Center, Penn Station, and Times Square.

Our clients all receive prompt courteous and knowledgeable customer service and solutions to all printing situations.

With our access to state of the art equipment, each project is perfectly matched to your set of circumstances. Quick delivery, high end production, and less expensive pricing options, we‘ve got you covered.

Deal directly with experienced professionals who know how to make things happen, even when your requirements are challenging. printing_machines_01-s

So when you need a company to turn to for all of your printing needs for your next event, turn to Automation Graphics, your local NYC neighbor with over 50 years experience and thousands of satisfied clients.

Printing Materials for Events Part One

You have an upcoming important event and you want everything to look just right. What you need is a company that can handle all your printing needs. Automation Graphics!

Event Printing

You want a company that can handle your printing needs for any event from start to finish. Automation Graphics can help you with:

  • Invitations
  • Save the date cards
  • Sign in sheets
  • Banners
  • Seating cards
  • Auction cards
  • Booklets
  • Gift bags
  • Brochures
  • Coupons
  • Fliers
  • Tent cards
  • Thank you cards
  • Follow up letters
  • Promotional posters
  • Tickets
  • Journals
  • And any other printed materials

You want the invitations to be classy and well-done and you want to have all the materials necessary to ensure that you can properly follow up with your attendees.product3-s

During the event, besides the perfect venue and audio visual equipment, you’ll need to ask yourself what types of activities and sub-activities you’ll be including in order to ensure that you have all the printed materials needed. We can help you plan ahead for all your needs.

In consultation with us, we can suggest what it takes for your event to run smoothly.

Questions to answer for proper planning:

  • Will I need seating/place cards and will I use tent cards or some other type of card?
  • Will I use sign-in sheets?
  • Do I need banners to display in the room?
  • Do I need booklets printed so the participants have access to all the required information to benefit the most from the event?
  • Will I be giving out door prizes in logo gift bags?
  • Does the event include a silent auction, necessitating the use of auction cards?
  • Will I need to distribute fliers prior to the event?
  • Will I have coupons made to offer a discount to attendees if they are interested in participating in another hosted event?
  • Will there be an information table with brochures containing information about other events?
  • Will I be mailing thank-you cards after the occasion?
  • Do I need tickets printed for a draw?
  • Will I be posting promotional posters before the event?viper-tx-softsign

We can help you will all of this and more. Let us take responsibility for all your printing needs so you can concentrate on putting on a fabulous event.