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Label Printing

Label printing plays an essential role in many businesses, as it provides them with a finished product. Some labels include a single name or image, while some consist of information regarding nutrition, ingredients, and production dates. While these labels may not get the value they deserve, they are still high in demand because of the many products entering the market daily.

Label printing goes through different processes and dates back to the 1800s. They have come a long way since then. To learn more about label printing and the process, read on.

Label Printing

History of Label Printing

Label printing made its debut in the 1800s through paper labeling for fruit crates and drug containers. Labels underwent lithography, a printing process that was common in the early years. In this process, the machine transferred an oil-based image on paper. Adhesive labels started growing more common and popular to display slogans, ingredients, and important information on other products.

Modern Label Printing

Label printing has significantly evolved over the years with the help of flexographic printing, or digital printing, which came about in the 1990s. With the help of digital printing, you can now achieve high-quality labels with high qualitative color and appearance. Most printing companies rely on digital printing to help you get labels for any type of product. The best part about labels today is that they don’t make as much waste as they did earlier. Similarly, they require less labor to make.

The Process of Label Printing

Label printing via digital printing follows the below-mentioned process. It also goes over how a label design transforms into a high-quality label product:

1.     Label Artwork

To start off with your labels’ digitalized printing process, you need to provide all your label requirements, from the appearance to the size. Make sure you’ve provided your printing company with proper details so that you get to achieve the design you’ve envisioned. Once you’ve provided all the details, send in your artwork to see if the company can provide what you want.

The printing team will then evaluate different aspects to ensure the label turns out the way your design it. This includes identifying the color, fonts, pictures, and other important details that wanted in your labels.  This is the time to make any changes before it goes through the printing process.

2.     The Printing process

Once you and your printing team have settled on your label’s final look, they will start off with the printing process.  Digital printing uses HP indigo. The ink electronically transfers onto the surface paper, unlike other methods that require plates and took a lot of time to set up the whole system. Label printing starts off by adding label material to the printer. These are available in long rolls. The printing machine prints the required design on whatever material you choose. This is a very simple step, and the rollers do most of the work, so it doesn’t require as much labor.

3.     Finishing and Die Cutting Treatment Process

The step involves the printed labels going through the finishing machine, which helps give your label the finishing touches. This process involves adding design elements like hot foil stamping and embossing. The finishing process also involves die cuts for each label, making it easier to manage the print rollers. Each roller is slit with the help of razors to get at least three or more separate rollers. The separated rollers make it easier for the other step mentioned below.

4.     Rewinding

Lastly, the labels go through the process of rewinding, which helps to re-roll all the labels to create more. Sometimes, all of the labels don’t come off, especially if there are so many. Hence, rewinding is essential. Once your labels undergo the rewinding process, they will run through a quality check. Then, they are shipped off to you!

High End Label Printing New York

Benefits of Using Digital Label Printing

Digital label printing has greatly evolved not due to its popularity but because of the amazing printing advantages it brings:

·       Flexible

You can get whatever you like, printed at any time

·       Efficient

Faster label production without having to set up press plates

·       Affordable

Smaller print runs without any additional costs

·       High-Quality Labels

Provide better print and color resolution compared to the early printing methods

·       Use of Variable Imaging

Achieve labels printed through texts, graphics, barcodes, and many other things

Conclusion: Get A Label Quote from an Experienced Print Shop

If you’re planning to launch a new product, you will need the right labels to correctly advertise your products. For the best labels printing services in NYC, get in touch with Automation Graphics. With design professionals and printing experts on their team, they can definitely help you with all your printing needs.

Business Printing Services for Mailings


Quality business printing is still a big part of projecting the right corporate image. When something needs to be official, stationery and letterhead printing is still a service that business cannot do without. Even though a great deal of business correspondence is e-mailed these days, most businesses still have a need to have a large volume of letterhead and other materials produced so that they can reach clients effectively.

Mailing Materials

Label printing, envelope printing and letterhead printing are still vital parts of representing your business. Without these materials, a business tends to look sloppy and you cannot be sure that people will instantly recognize official mail when you send it to them. A commercial printing service can help you by providing the expertise to use in-house design or your own designed to create large quantity orders of stationery and letterhead printing that end up saving you money. Once you have established this letterhead as your official mailing format, it’s easy to make certain that other businesses recognize that something is genuinely from you.

Saving Money Business Printing

Because there still is a great deal of business done over the mail, having stationery and letterhead printing done by a company that allows you to make large volume orders is a great way to save money. These materials can be ordered far in advance of when they are needed, as there’s no expiration on them, obviously, and because the business will generally want to stick with the same stationery and letterhead design for a long periods of time. Commercial printing firms can usually turn these orders around very quickly and ensure that you always have enough materials to send out letters and other communications when you need them.

Other Large Orders Business Printing

Another area where large volume and quantity printing is beneficial is business card printing. Particularly for salespeople, business cards should be going out the door just about as quickly as they’re coming in the door. The more of them that go out the more contacts the person has made. By having a commercial printing firm handle your business card printing projects, you can make certain that you have them delivered in a timely fashion and that you always have a way to advertise in a face-to-face situation. Your employees will appreciate the fact that they have fast access to business cards whenever they need them.

Business printing is one of the most economical ways to advertise. A commercial printing firm can make certain that your stationery and letterhead printing, your business card printing and your other printing projects all match up. This ensures that you get a consistent corporate image across all of the communications that you send out and that you don’t have to worry about people wondering whether or not your business is made up of solid professionals. Combined with envelope printing and label printing, it becomes much easier to engage in branding enterprises that help to increase the visibility of your corporate image and to increase the quality of your corporate image in the eyes of your customers.