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We specialize in fast, custom, short run, on-demand digital printing solutions including large format and wide format poster and banner printing, and Commercial Offset Printing. When compared to our competition, we print faster, cheaper and better!

We can print on demand digital printing for any job, large or small. We print traditional offset printing for large run jobs or oversized printing.

We have extensive experience in corporate printing including annual reports and multiple materials for business and corporate events.

We have significant experience in working with small businesses to find printing solutions that are affordable, fast and effective. We proved custom printing solutions that meet any size company and any budget.

With over 50 years experience, no matter what your concerns we have most likely experienced similar client request in the past. We have the experience to make sure all of our jobs go well without any unexpected delays or errors. In addition, we have kept up with changing technology. Being a successful company for so long has enabled us to reinvest profits into upgrades in our machinery and technology throughout the years and kept us at the forefront of digital printing technology. Believe us, technology has improved rapidly in the printing industry and we have been the leaders in early adaptation of new machines. Money well spent in our opinion!

With our advance printers we are able to provide short run digital printing in no time. We can fulfill any size job, budget and timeframe. This includes banners, large format prints, posters, brochures, bi-fold & tri-fold, black and white copies, color copies, invitations and just about any other jobs you can think of.

We are also able to meet any requirement for long run offset printing. We can print large quantities of anything, annual reports, catalogs, posters, mailings, postcards, booklets, and any other type of mass printed materials. No job is too big. We will deliver your job on time and for an affordable price. It’s no wonder we have been printing for large corporations and investment banks for over 50 years.

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Top 5 Commercial Printing Services for Your Business in NYC

What are the most important top 5 commercial printing services for a business in New York City? As a business owner in NYC it can be tough to stand out from the crowd. With so many other businesses vying for the attention of potential customers, it’s essential to make a statement with your marketing materials. That’s where commercial printing services come in. Here are the top 5 commercial printing services your business should consider to elevate your brand.

1. Business Cards

Your business card is often the first impression you make on potential customers or clients. It’s important to ensure that it looks professional, reflects your brand, and makes an impact. A well-designed business card can make you stand out from your competitors and help people remember your business. for the best business cards, look for print shops that offer a variety of business card printing options, including custom designs, premium paper stocks, and finishes such as embossing, foil stamping, and more.

Top 5 Commercial Printing Services-business cards NYC 2023

2. Brochures

Brochures are an excellent marketing tool for businesses of all types. They can be used to showcase your products or services, promote events, or provide information about your business. A well-designed brochure can be a powerful marketing tool that can help you reach potential customers and grow your business. The best commercial printing shops can help you create a brochure that stands out from the rest, with high-quality paper stocks, custom designs, and finishing options such as UV coating and saddle stitching.

Top 5 Commercial Printing Services Brochures 2023

3. Flyers

Flyers are another cost-effective way to promote your business, products, or services. They can be used for direct mail campaigns, handed out at events, or posted in public places. A well-designed flyer can grab the attention of potential customers and encourage them to take action. Premier NYC printing companies such as Automation Graphics offer a variety of flyer printing options, including custom designs, high-quality paper stocks, and finishing options such as gloss or matte coatings.

4. Postcards

Postcards are an excellent way to promote your business, products, or services. They can be used for direct mail campaigns, handed out at events, or posted in public places. A well-designed postcard can grab the attention of potential customers and encourage them to take action. A reputable printer should offer a variety of postcard printing options, including custom designs, high-quality paper stocks, and finishing options such as gloss or matte coatings.

5. Banners

Banners are an excellent way to promote your business, products, or services both indoors and outdoors. They can be used for trade shows, events, or outside your business location. A well-designed banner can grab the attention of potential customers and make a lasting impression. As an example, Automation Graphics Inc. in NYC offers a variety of banner printing options, including custom designs, high-quality materials, and finishing options such as grommets and hemming.

Top 5 Commercial Printing Services for Your Business in NYC: Conclusion

Whether you’re just starting your business or looking to elevate your marketing materials, commercial printing services can help you stand out from the crowd. From business cards to banners, there are a variety of options to choose from. A high quality professional printer should offer high-quality printing services with custom designs, premium paper stocks, and finishing options to help you create marketing materials that make an impact.

Ready to Elevate your Brand?  Call Automation Graphics For All Your Commercial Printing Needs

Contact Automation Graphics today at (646) 205-3037 or visit us at 519 8th Avenue 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10018 to learn more about our printing services and how we can help your business stand out from the competition.

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Qualities of a Great Print Shop in NYC

What are the qualities of a great print shop in NYC? Almost all businesses need to hire a printing service for various purposes. Printing is essential for developing marketing materials such as brochures, banners, and posters. These materials promote your services, products, and brand. Sometimes, you may even need a printing service when hosting events and activities. Additionally, printing business cards and annual reports is critical for attracting investors and beneficial employees.

Qualities of a Great Print Shop in NYC

While you need printing services for many different materials, all printing services cannot provide the desired benefits. Generally, the best printing service provider for your business aligns with your company’s unique goals and meets its specific needs.

Choosing the right print shop for your business is challenging, so we’ve laid down a list of qualities you should look for.

1.    Quality Customer Service

Excellent communication skills are imperative for all business matters, including printing. Therefore, you would want to look for a printing shop that ensures quick and consistent communication.

Quality customer service will ensure that the printing process is a hassle free experience for both parties. It will provide you with peace of mind you run operations and take care of bigger matters.

Companies like Automation Graphics offer quality customer service and get the job done.

2.    Years of Experience

The printing industry is a highly evolving and competitive one. Generally, businesses should pick a printing service with extensive knowledge of the industry and its niches.

It should be aware of the printing industry’s past, how it has changed throughout the years and what’s trending. That way, your printing service will be able to provide you with the most helpful assistance. A printing company’s knowledge and expertise in the field prove a good indicator of reliability.

So, look for extensive knowledge and experience in the printing industry before finalizing a printing service. Automation Graphics has over sixty years of experience in the printing industry with adequate knowledge to deliver excellent results.

Qualities of a Great Print Shop in NYC

3.    Range of Capabilities

What a printing service can do for your business’ growth is one of the most critical things to consider. Naturally, a business would want to work with a printing company that can cater to all your business’ printing requirements.

Remember, a company with minimal equipment cannot provide the same benefits you’re looking for. These printing services usually lag in quality due to limits in the scope of the project.

On the flip side, printing companies with high quality equipment provide a myriad of printing options and deliver exceptional results. For that reason, service variety and supply options are essential factors to consider.

Besides production equipment, you also need to check for supplies, including coating options, paper choices, binding variety, etc. Automation Graphics is one of the best printing services in NYC regarding capabilities.

4.    Willingness to Guide

The best printing service is willing to work with you instead of simply selling its services.

If a printing shop is willing to give advice and suggestions, it’s likely a suitable choice. A printing service providing company should be willing to guide you along the way as you try to grow your business through printed marketing tools.

Ideally, it would help if you were looking for service providers like Automation Graphics eager to give valuable advice to improve your business’ marketing skills. A client focused printing service that discusses your project’s goals offers outstanding results.

Qualities of a Great Print Shop in NYC: Conclusion

Various businesses in different industries require printing services for promotion and marketing purposes. Well designed physical media like brochures, posters, and cards can significantly enhance growth and sales.

Automation Graphics provides excellent printing services at an affordable price. You can send queries via email or call at (646) 205-3037 to talk to one of our professionals.

Automation Graphics
519 8th Avenue
3rd Floor
New York, NY 10018
(646) 205-3037

What to Look for in a High-End Commercial Printer

What things should you look for in a high end commercial printer? In the past, businesses used to incur minute expenses like printing, storage, internet café, and photocopying on the daily. Businesses did not think much of it. However, when you compile these minute expenses at the end of the year, they become a huge expense.

Businesses come up with a solution to overcome smaller daily expenses. It was to buy expensive equipment and cut down on smaller expenses. For this reason, hiring a commercial printer has become a basic business expense.

Commercial printing is an essential service. However, a high involvement service like it costs thousands of dollars. For this reason, you need to read a buying guide before selecting a high-end commercial printer.

High end commercial printer NYC

Key Features to Look For in a High End Commercial Printer

As an organization, getting a printer service will be a great way to improve your marketing strategies with impressive banners and printed material.

When you plan to hire a printing service, you need to keep some key features in mind. Considering these features will allow you to select the best commercial printer for your organization.

Check Their Printing Quality

The first thing you need to see in a printing service is its product quality. Sure, it’s great that their clients approve of them, but you need to check for yourself to see if their services match the standard you’re looking for. Thoroughly evaluate their portfolio to determine their product quality. This will allow you to see how the picture is laid over the form and whatnot.

Are They Reliable?

Another thing you need to check is the reliability of the service. After all, quality means nothing if not delivered on time. You need to ensure that the commercial printer is swift enough to provide you with the necessary services on time. After all, your organization or small business needs to launch its marketing campaign on a tight schedule. To avoid delays, it’s a must that you receive your order on time.

Who Are They Working With?

While hiring the printing services, you need to see who the service is working with at the moment as top-notch printing services are already in contact with a reliable business that provides a good quality product.

What Services Can They Provide?

Another important aspect to check is the number of services the printing shop can provide you. When you come in a contract with a printing service, you will surely need more than one service. Therefore, it is wise that you hire a high-end commercial printer service that can provide multiple printing services such as mailing, binding, etc. And other necessary services like detailing of margins.

This allows you to give your marketing campaign more time and spend less time worrying about how to get your marketing materials out there. This also means opting for a commercial printer with the necessary equipment to take up a variety of different printing jobs.

How Do They Rank in the Customer Service Department?

Since your business will be seeking a greater scale of services from a commercial printer, you will require top-notch customer service. If anything, you need a commercial printer who is deeply interested in your project and is invested in meeting your requirements. Talk to the printer’s customer service representatives, as well as clients, about their experience when asking for help. Did previous clients find customer service representatives to be responsive and helpful? If so, you’ve found the best commercial printer.

High End Commercial Printer: Who to Hire?

If you are looking for a printing service in New York City, I highly suggest that you check out Automation Graphics. They used to be in the printing machine-building industry. Long ago they  they spread their wings and have been leaders in the printing business in NYC for many years.

They provide you with top-notch services and a high-quality product. They are the perfect service to hire if you need a copy printing, banner printing, offset printing, wide-format printing, or any other printing services. They will provide you with a high-quality specialty printing job as well, like engraving, stamp foiling, and letterpress. The best thing about them is they provide you with quality services as well. They are very kind, humble, and patient with all their clients.

Best high end commercial printer NY

Final Feedback

Your printer is a high involvement good and can cost a fortune. For this reason, before buying a printer, you should look at all your options and compare them effectively. It would be best if you took printer reviews from people you know. You can head over to the internet to take help as well.

Contact Automation Graphics for your printing jobs. They are fast and provide you with quality service and products.


NYC Print Shop 2020-2021

What makes the best NYC print shop for 2020-2021? New York City is one of the biggest and busiest cities all over the world. People all over the world know New Yorkers for their fast lifestyle. In the city, everybody is busy doing his or her own thing. You might not know this, but New York houses around 220,000 businesses of all sizes. Some are huge, and others are as small as 20 employees.

New York has people working in various business sectors. However, New York-style printing is making a lot of names around the world. That is because the New York print shops provide you with various printing services like taking headshots, writing decent resumes, high-quality custom photo framing, printing supreme quality manuscripts, and fruitful presentations.

The best thing about print shops in NYC is that they are very swift. They will provide you with all their services in a matter of minutes. Nevertheless, their services will be top-notch, and employees will make you feel welcome.

The city has many amazing print shops. However, a few manage to take the cake. In this article, I will tell you about some of the best print services that you can get from the NYC print Shops Only. By the end, I will tell you about the most renowned print shop all over New York.

Top NYC Print Shop 2020-2021

NYC Print Shop: Kinds of Printing Jobs

Offset Printing

Offset printing is a classic printing technique that people have been using for ages. People still use this technique because it provides them with high-quality printing.

Commonly, you will see this printing style on huge banners and billboards. It is a manual printing style. Therefore, it might take a long time to print.

Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is a beautiful specialty printing. Currently, it is becoming very common as it looks extravagant. Many high-end brands get foil-stamped butter papers and wrapping papers to make their packages look high-end and luxurious.

People get foil stamping over invitation cards as well for similar reasons.

Large Format Printing

Large format is new age printing techniques. It provides you with results as nice as offset printing. The best of all, it is quicker than offset printing. It is becoming super common for a good reason.

Since people discovered large format printing, the printing technique has evolved a lot. This includes the usage of ink, mechanics of equipment, and many more changes.


Letterpress is a beautiful technique to press words and design on to paper and other forms. In the past, people used it to print their names and titles on metal plates. However, now, the technique is evolving. As now, people use the technique to print invitations cards, plaques, and many other things.


They are engraving a very well-known printing technique. In the past, people used the technique to print letters, name plates, plaques, and much more. This printing technique requires a lot of time to work. However, things are changing now. Printing experts have come up with innovative machines that help in speeding up the engraving process.

Best NYC Print Shop

Automation Graphics

Finding a print shop that provides you with all printing services is challenging. Automation Graphics is one of those few printing shops that provide you with various printing jobs in one spot.

They have been manufacturing printing machines for six decades. Now, they are applying their manufacturing expertise in the printing industry. They are becoming famous for providing elite quality services and quality products.

Automation Graphics uses top-notch machinery for your printing job. Therefore, you can rely on them if you have a slim timeframe for your printing job.

Currently, they offer an array of printing jobs. It means they will provide you with services like:

  • Copy printing
  • Offset printing
  • Graphic designing
  • Printing promotional products
  • Desktop publishing
  • Copying
  • Foil stamping
  • Engraving letterpress
  • Wide-format printing/ large format printing
  • Event materials
  • Printing signages, banners, and banners
  • Corporate branding on forms, stationeries, and labels

You can contact them through their website right now, or you can contact them through their landline @ 212-290-8400, fill their web form.

Best NYC Print Shop 2020-2021

Final Feedback

New York Printing shops are famous all over the world. They provide you with quality service and a vast number of solutions. On the other hand, if your location is farther from the shop, you can get their service through their websites as well.

For the best printing job that is quick, cost-effective, and top-quality, call automation graphics now for a quote. They have been in the game for a long time and are one of the top print shops in NYC.

Automation Graphics
519 8th Avenue
3rd Floor
New York, NY 10018
(646) 205-3037

The History of Printing

Over the years, many great inventions have come along the way, and printing has been one of them. In this article, you will see the evolution and history of printing and how printing has made life easier for people in different eras and generations. Today, you will see and learn how printing has developed for thousands of years.

The History of Printing – When It All Began

The first printing press existed back in the 3rd century when printing initially emerged during the Tang Dynasty of China. This was when the technique of woodblock printing on textiles came into being. By the 9th century, China had started to print on paper, and it was able to compile a whole book using the technique. However, printing processes were in use even in 3000 BC in many parts of Egypt, China, and Western Asia. These processes included cloth printing, block seals, and pottery imprints.

The Gutenberg Revolution

Gutenberg was a German Craftsman and Goldsmith in Strasbourg, who changed the face of printing. He developed the old forms of printing process into new and efficient ones. These processes included a mechanization method in printing, which involved transferring ink to paper. He also introduced the screw mechanism from wine linen presses, wine presses, and papermakers’ presses. These improved mechanisms now allow us to produce books in vast numbers. Gutenberg’s first production of books was the famous Gutenberg Bible.

Timeline of the Different Types and Processes of Printing


Stenciling has been a historical printing technique that people still use. This type of printing has been found in different continents of the world, including Europe and Asia, from over 35000 years ago. Stencils were basically made by blowing pigment on a wall. It was mostly used for mass publications in the early times.


Stamp seals were originally used in China during the Shang dynasty. These stamps were encased in blocks and were imprinted on clay molds. Stamp seals were also in use for printing on pottery by the end of the 3rd century BC.

Woodblock Printing

The History of Printing NYC Print Shop 01

Woodblock printing had set foot in many parts of the world, including China and East Asia, in 200 AD. It originated in China as a method of printing on cloth, and then it gradually spread through East Asia as a method of printing on textiles. Woodblock printing was mostly in for religious texts in East Asia by the Buddhists. Woodblock printing also played an important part in Europe as a method of printing on the cloth during the 1300s.

Movable Types

Movable type of printing is a type of printing process that uses individual pieces of materials. The first movable type printing was invented in 1040 AD in China. After that, many movable types of printing came into existence in different parts of the world. Mentioned below are some movable types:

History of Printing - NYC Print Shop 02

1.     Ceramic Movable Type

The Ceramic movable type was invented around 1041 by the commoner Bi Sheng during the Northern Song Dynasty.

2.     Wooden Movable Type

Wooden Movable type was used during the Tangut Empire in the 12th century. These movable types were also invented by Bi Sheng, but the idea did not get much attention because soon, the ceramic types took over.

3.     Metal Movable Type

Metal type was a part of many ancient dynasties and was most common in Korea in 1234.


Intaglio is a printmaking technique in which you engrave the image into a particular surface, known as the plate. This technique emerged during the late 1430s in Germany. The Intaglio printmaking process is very interesting and precise. If you want to learn more about it, click here.


Lithography is another printmaking technique, which was invented by Aloys Senefelder in 1796. Lithography involves printing on a very smooth surface using chemical processes to create an image.

Color Printing

Color printing appeared in the 13th century in East Asia and has now strongly developed in today’s world.

Offset Press

Offset printing is a combination of Lithography, and it came into existence in the 1870s.


Screen-printing is another form of printing, which originally appeared in China in 960AD and was further improved in many Asian countries.


Flexography is a form of printing process that was originally started in Liverpool by Bibby, Baron, and sons in 1890. This technique is quite popular these days.

How Has the History of Printing Changed the World?

Printing presses have definitely impacted many dynasties and movements of the world, including the great Renaissance movement. Printing presses have helped to lay the foundations of these movements. It has helped to save time and money by producing books on a large scale, and you cannot compare the speed of mass printing to the speed of hand-written texts. It has also provided us with so many brilliant thinkers and minds that have led major religious and scientific movements.

Final Words

With all the latest inventions and updates in printing presses, you must use a proper printing process. To help you out with your decision, contact us, and we will professionally handle your printing needs with the help of our improved technology and trained staff.

What you Should Look For in a Professional Print Shop

Are you in need of a professional print shop? Every business or person who wants any official documents printed needs to be associated with a print shop. As you may already know, without the accessibility to a print shop, you won’t be able to promote your brand or event; you will need materials such as printable posters, banners, and much more. Choosing the right print shop can be a difficult task, but we’re going to make your life easier as we have mentioned a few factors that you should consider in a professional print shop.

Factors you should look for in a Print Shop

1.     Quality Check

Before you choose a specific shop from where you want to print out branding material, it is imperative that you carry out a quality check on the material the print shop uses. This includes materials such as paper stock, type of machinery, and color consistency. The technology a print company uses is very important to know about; the latest technology means high-quality prints. It is advisable that you look at the shop’s sample prints first, and then judge whether their quality meets your demands. The quality of a print plays an important role in the presentation of your product or service, so there is no way that you should compromise on the quality of prints.


2.     Level of Customer Service

The quality of the prints is not the only thing that matters, but the quality of service as well. Printing requires a lot of communication, especially when you want to print out items such as banners, magazines, newspapers, etc. on a large scale. You have to find reasons to trust your printer. The only way to trust your printer provider is to see how good they are at communicating, how transparent they are, and if they are able to meet short deadlines. You should also check if they have good client management; this means to see how good they are at handling your project from giving you ideas and updates until you receive the final product. Another point you should note about their service is if there are easy to get in touch with, i.e., they should have proper means of communication.

3.     Popularity

You should also see how many clients the print shop has dealt with; this way, you can ask their clients about their opinions and feedback on the print company in question. Ask previous clients if they have ever encountered any mishap with their prints or if the company has failed to meet the deadline. This will allow you to make a proper decision and will prevent any chances of associating with a print shop that might not be up to the mark.

4.     Your Own Preferences

It is important that you first check and see all the material you will require for your preferred service. After you know what you really need, you can then check if the suitable pint shop meets all your requirements. If your business requires different prints every day, check how fast the print shop is able to meet your demands in the right format.

5.     Distribution Services

You might require delivery services, especially if you have prints coming in every day. Find out if the print shop you’re considering provides the logistics of distributing your print media to their respected areas. This way you won’t have to deal with the hassle of delivering prints around the city. It is not easy to deliver or carry big prints such as posters or banners; with the help of distribution services, you can have your media print items transported safely, and there will be fewer risks of getting a damaged final product.

6.     If They Will Give You a Quote

After you have decided on all the materials and services you will need from the shop, contact the print shop and ask them for a quote on how much everything will cost you. This will help you to acquire services that fall within your fixed budget. It is important that you make a budget for your printing services so you don’t fall short on obtaining any services and will get desired services within your budget. Give a detailed list to your printers on what materials you will need; for instance, if there is specific printing machinery of your choice, you want them to use while printing out your items. This will make it easier for the print shop service to give you a proper quote.

7.     Efficiency and Punctuality

It is very crucial that you use a print shop that works efficiently. Efficiency will ensure that there will be no delay in any deadlines or delivery. This way, you can also tell if the people who are providing your printing services are laid back or committed. It is best to stay away from print shops that work at slow paces, as this may interrupt your business plans and commitments.

Professional Printing Services

We know how important it is for you and your business to get the best value in a print shop. Hence, we say it with assurance that we at Automation Graphics will provide you with the most efficient and high-quality printing services. Contact us today and get ready to make the best printing decision of your life!

How Does Printing Work

How does printing work? Printing has been among the most critical processes in knowledge preservation throughout history. Now, it plays an important role in many businesses, including corporations, schools, and other fields as well. Printing involves many different kinds of processes and different types of machines. The machines used nowadays are far more digitalized compared to traditional ones which people used centuries ago. This article will tell you about the basis of printing and how it actually works.

What is Printing?

Printing is when an object that includes ink transfers onto the desired material you want. The main object of any printing machine is the printing plate, which is covered in ink as is then pressed against any type of material. The older version of printing, which included the printing press, required a lot of manpower and effort.  Now, however, you have numerous printing options, such as laser and inject printing. Both these machines produce significant outputs compared to the printing press; this is of course, after all the inventions and upgrades that were made by people.

how does printing work?

Steps of Printing Process

Mentioned below is the summary of the three main standardized steps which each printing process carries out:

  1. Prepress: This is when the image transfers onto the inked plate. In this step, operations such as typesetting, image preparation, graphic arts, and the placing of the image takes place.
  2. Press: This step involves the actual printing process in which you receive the printed image.
  3. Postpress: This step refers to the finishing touches that take place on the printed image. Final touches mostly include the process of binding.

Direct vs. Indirect Printing

There are almost five types of the printing process, and these come under two headings:

Direct Printing

Direct printing is when the print image transfers on to the preferred material. This type of printing includes screen printing, flexography, gravure, and letterpress printing processes.

Indirect Printing

Indirect printing uses an additional technique that helps to form a good quality print. This technique involves an engraved inked plate which presses onto the surface of the material such as paper or cloth.

What Chemicals are involved?

There are three main types of chemicals used in each operation of the printing process.

  1. Photo processing Chemicals: You use these chemicals in the prepress step of the printing process
  2. Ink and Cleaning Solvents. These are the major types of chemicals which are useable during the main step of the printing, which involves the press
  3. Adhesives: You can use adhesives during the post-press of the printing process. It is advisable to use this if you’re printing out books.

Types of Printers

Mentioned below are the three main types of printers and how each printer works to help you get the printable image:

1.     Laser/LED Printers

These printers are very common in the printing industry, especially in today’s generation. This type of printer helps you to get prints of high color quality and are also much more efficient compared to the printing press. These printers use the exposure of light to print out images, it can be very tricky on how these printers work, but it’s not very difficult for you to understand. Laser printing machines use toners that shine on to the drum. The paper moves towards the drum, which enables the image to be printed out on the paper. Finally, the paper passes through a heated roller, which helps to melt the particles of the toner in order for it to stick on the page and hence complete the finishes image.

2.     Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers consist of many tiny holes that drop tiny droplets of ink onto the paper. The tiny holes that include ink features in the head of the printing machine. The ink that is in the tiny holes consists of colored dye or liquid pigmented suspension. The head of the printer moves horizontally while the paper passes through the machine perpendicularly, while this step takes place, individual ink holes activate and start to drop a small amount of ink on the paper. You may find ink-jet printers very advantageous when it comes to printing out high-quality items. The technical process ensures the quality and high speed of  high-quality prints.

how does printing work? NYC printer

3.     Solid Ink Printers

You may have never heard about this printer, but this type of printer made a comeback in the mid-’80s and had been around till today. Inkjet printers first came out in 1986 after its development in Tektronix, which is a company based in Oregon. This type of printer includes solid sticks of ink, which is somewhat like wax. When you start the printing process, the ink melts onto a large metallic roller, which gradually gets transferred onto the page. These printers leave you with a pigmented high-quality Image and give you a pop of vibrant colors. If you touch the print, you will feel a waxy texture due to the ink sticks. These inks are long-lasting compares to the ones in inkjet printers and give a more refined touch to the printing material.

Where to Print

Now that you know the basic printing process and how it really works, you can now decide on what type of printable image you want and can decide for yourself on how you wanted it printed out. You can contact Automation Graphics, as they have the best printing services and will help you out to achieve high-quality prints

Historical New York City Print Shops

What are some historical new york city print shops? New York City is known for its old printing in antique print shops that offer printing services to many businesses and individuals to this day. Read this article for further information about New York’s historic print shops that have been providing amazing printing services for many years in your very own New York City.

Historical New York City Print Shops

List of Historic New York City Print Shops

1.     The Old Print Shop

The Old print shop is indeed a very old print shop in New York and was established in 1898. Founded by Edward Gottschalk, this historic print shop’s original location was on Fourth Avenue in the middle of the 9th and 10th street. The Old print shop was famous for selling different prints and paintings. They faced many losses in the early years during the Great Depression, however, after the 1940s, Harry Shaw Newman, the new owner after Edward Gottschalk’s death, managed to bring the business on top as American paintings started to catch the attention of many buyers. The old Printshop has turned its concentration towards American publishers and printmakers from the early eighteenth century. Till today, the shop’s printed materials are showcased in museums across Europe, Asia, and America. The historic prints have been carried on by Kenneth M. Newman, Harry Shaw Newman’s son. He is one of New York’s recognized personalities who have been a part of many remarkable American prints and puts all his devotion towards Americana lithographs.

2.     Park Slope Copy Center

Park slope copy center is another print shop that been present since 1981. Located in Brooklyn, it has been offering different printing services to the residents of New York for decades. They are known for their dedication to their clients and reasonable charges. They provide different products such as flyers, envelopes, customized printing, brochures, newsletters, rubber stamps, business cards, large format prints, labels, and many other things. Services that Park slope provides are printing, copying, binding booklets, graphic designing, bindery, and finishing. Park Slope keeps updated with new technologies and processes that ensure their guarantee of selling high quality printed products along with friendly service. You can also see proof of their good quality service in reviews from their customers on their official website. The best part is that they work towards the benefit of the environment; they use and recycle tons on paper almost every month. Their dedication to the environment is one of the many factors that attract customers to use their services.

3.     Bowne & Co.

Robert Bowne established Bowne & Co., a U.S.-based company, in 1775 . The company provided many services, including international business communications, finance, and marketing. In 1975, it took a completely new turn and became a letterpress print shop after they collaborated with the South Street Seaport Museum, where they opened a print shop with a unique 19th-century-style. The shop uses the museum’s extensive collection of historic printing equipment such as moveable types and engravings to print retail items and custom jobs that they sell in house. They keep the history of printing alive in their letterpress printing discussion that takes place weekly. Bowne & Co are one of the only print shops in New York that use vintage printing machines and are in a way trying to spread awareness to others who have no idea about the history of printing. It is something very unique and extraordinary that is an eye-catcher to all the people of New York.

4.     Unique Print New York

Unique Copy Center, now known as Unique Print New York, was originally established by two high school boys in 1977. These boys were blood-related brothers and put in a lot of effort and devotion to build a company along with managing their academics.  A father and son team now runs unique prints. The company has completed 40 years, and till today they provide their client with the best creative printing solutions for businesses, artists, designers, companies, and more. Unique Prints are best known for their digital printing, binding services, and large format printing and offer products such as restaurant menus, promotional flyers, invitation cards, banners, brochures, booklets, window graphics, and signage.  The best part about unique prints is their level of efficiency. They can make your product within one day, so you don’t have to worry about delayed projects. They also have a beautiful shop that is around 35,000 square feet, equipped with all the latest printing technology. Unique Prints takes extremely good care of their customers, and they put in a lot of effort into satisfying their clients, which is why they are still going strong as one of New York’s favorite local print shop.  Check out their website and learn more about them.

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The works of these historic print shops are what encourages and has already encouraged other people and business to open up print shops. We at Automation Graphics have also idolized the works of these historic print shop owners and continue to produce the same high quality. So do contact us as we can definitely help you with your printing solutions.

The Top Benefits of Professional Print Shops

The Top Benefits of Professional Print ShopsIf you have an upcoming important printing job for a project that you are working on, wouldn’t it be best to get it done right and by professionals? At times like these, you cannot afford trial and error and thus need to trust professionals who get the job done right the first time.

There are numerous advantages to all sizes of business and clients in using professional printing services. Let’s take a look at the top 5 advantages.

  • You can place giant printing orders and the company will deliver them to you when you need them – which is before the deadline. This means not having tThe Top Benefits of Professional Print Shopso take out any extra time from your daily schedule to worry about printing for a promotional campaign or an upcoming presentation. With the help of third-party print shops, a finished product can be ready without you having to waste your precious time or resources when you need it.
  • You have way too many options – if you were to ever look and see the storage of a typical printing company, you would be surprised to find it jam-packed with printing materials and resources that your company could only dream of having. Of course, since these printing companies specialize in offering printing services, it only makes sense why they be able to offer you an array of exciting options that will enhance the overall aesthetics and longevity of your document covers, direct mail, and business cards – there are so many options that you will actually need professional advice to help you narrow down your choices.
  • When you outsource your printing tasks to a professional, you are basically getting instant access to printing professionals. Unlike a majority of business owners and their staff, these professionals know the ins and outs of printer ink, paper stock, and other printing methods (along with the complex equipment that bring it all together) like no one else.
  • You no longer have to worry about answering questions such as “what card stock should I use for my business cards?” “How do I add photos into my direct mail?”, “How do I pick a brochure style that complements my target audience?” etc. because the printing company will help you find the best solutions to all your concerns. And as far as producing quality results are concerned, making the right choices is extremely essential. Having an expert take you through all the suggestions and suitable options means you are getting the top quality input you need to make your print jobs stand out.
  • You can take advantage of better equipment – in addition to free advice, professional printing services utilize the use of cutting-edge printing gear. Better gear means better results.
  • It is much faster – big printing companies have the expertise, the in-stock materials and the equipment to get the job done on time.

The Top Benefits of Professional Print ShopsAll these reasons make it pretty clear why using professional printing services is better than DIY. If you are looking for the best printing service in NYC, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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