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How Are Signs & Banners Made and Printed?

How are signs & banners made and printed? Signs and banners have been in the business of marketing and advertisement for a very long time. In fact, without signs and banners there couldn’t have been any proper marketing before the digital transformation of businesses worldwide.

Banners and signs do not only help with promotions, deals, and news but also show a brand’s image and business’s standing among the competitors. You may quickly realize the popularity and reputation of a business by simply noticing how well-planned and frequently their banners and signs appear as offline marketing. Banners and signs are also a great way to celebrate events like birthdays, sports, milestones, etc.

How Are Signs & Banners Made and Printed?

Have you ever wondered about the manufacturing process of these essential marketing tools? Signs and banners are now widely available, with a wide range of options to choose from. As the demand for banners and signs is growing substantially, there are better and more efficient designs and production methods taking place. Here are some of the ways that print shops produce banners and signs.

What Are The Best Materials for Signs and Banners?

Banners and signs do not have a limited range of options. There are many material options along with designs and styles that you can choose for your need. While it may seem like an easy task, the variety available for producing banners and sign in the print shops can overwhelm you. Here’s a list of popular materials that print shops today use to produce banners and signs.

·       Adhesive Vinyl Printing

Adhesive vinyl banner printing is a good alternative to any other type of banner, especially the free-standing ones. They stick easily to any smooth surface, such as a wall or window. If you are unable to hang banners, then you should be fine with using adhesive vinyl banners.

Such vinyl banners are often waterproof, wrinkle-resistant, fade-resistant, and durable. Sometimes, adhesive vinyl banners may also be reusable after a few washes. Sticking to the surface is not the only advantage of adhesive vinyl banners and signs. Consider the fact that you won’t have to purchase cords or poles to have your banner or sign simply staying at a position and not flying away.

How Signs & Banners are Made and Printed Information

·       Mesh Vinyl Printing

Like most vinyl banners and signs, mesh vinyl has its unique advantages. For one, they have tiny holes in them, which make them wind resistant. So, you don’t have to worry about your signs or banners flying away. Moreover, as they have tiny holes in them, they are fade-resistant and waterproof. It makes them more breathable, and therefore they last longer than other vinyl banners and signs.

·       Canvas Banner Printing

Canvas banners and signs have an artistic aesthetics property. The canvas options like cotton duck have been a popular material for heavy-duty applications, including boat sails and work-wear for years. Canvas banners are durable and wind-resistant.

With a semi-gloss banner or sign finish, they may resemble a uniquely hand-painted canvas. It makes up for more of a professional look and makes the promotional offers more attractive as a marketing tool. You can add images and other forms of high-resolution texture on most of the canvas banners and signs.

·       Fabric Banners Printing (Polyester)

Fabric signs and banners are one of the most popular options for marketing and promotion. They look significantly professional, feature high-quality colors, sharp images, and fine print qualities. Although it may depend on the print shop producing the fabric signs or banners for you, the polyester fabric features vibrant color/image quality through dye sublimation. Not suitable for harsh outdoor conditions, fabric polyester banners and signs are still scratch-resistant.

What Are The Printing Methods for Signs and Banners?

·       UV Printing

UV printing allows print shops to print the media directly onto the banner or sign surface without applying a coat on the fabric. The printers apply substrate or curable inks on the banners or signs, following which it uses ultraviolet rays to dry the ink on the surface.

·       Dye-Sublimation Printing

Using a dispersed or resin-based dye, print shops image the fabric of banners and signs using special equipment. Using techniques like heat-press the substrate of the dyes and inks, experts transfer the image from paper to the banners and signs fabric.

Other methods of printing banners and signs include:

  • Eco-Solvent/Aqueous Ink Printing
  • Latex Printing
  • Duracoestatic Printing

How Are Signs & Banners Made and Printed? Conclusion

So, you should know that despite the level of options and availability of banners and signs in the printing industry to date, choosing the right print shop is extremely important. Are you ready to get the services of one of the best print shops in the business? Well, Automation Graphics offers an amazing range of banners and signs printing options along with many other printing services.

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All About Sign Printing

Do you want to create custom signs to attract people passing by your store? Sign printing is the best option for that. This type of printing includes a wide range of promotional tools, such as signs, banners, flags, and posters. You can create these signs from any material, shape, size, and transparency. No matter what type of creative ideas you have in mind for sign printing, a professional printer can make it possible.

These printing options help you create window decals, A-frame signs, and outdoor banners to promote events or sales. You can place them on the window or wall and engage your customers. In this article, we will share some information about sign printing that you should know while deciding on the promotional tool.

Sign Printing

Benefits of Sign Printing

Numerous benefits of sign printing make it a popular option for advertising. Whether you are a small or large business, you can easily promote your brand using sign printing. These signs are efficient and effective advertising methods. These options increase your business’s customer traffic and visibility. Here are some benefits of using sign printing:

1.     Brand Recognition

These signs will enhance your brand reputation and recognition in the market. People will recognize your business when they walk past your retail store. However, you need to ensure that you are using the right type of sign printing. Furthermore, you need to choose the right placement, design and display to promote your brand. You can also add message or news on these banners such as an upcoming event or sale. Make sure that your message is clear and eye catching for the best results. If you want to create a sign print for your brand recognition, make sure that you hire a professional printing company. Automation Graphics printing company will help you create an attractive and engaging sign for your brand.

2.     Highly Visible

These signs are highly visible, whether you’ve placed them indoor or outdoor. When you create a well-designed sign, you can engage more audiences to purchase your products. Because this sign printing option is highly visible you can reach out more potential customers. After placing these signs outside your retail store you may be able to reduce how much you spend on online ads or email marketing campaigns. This one sign can help you reach unlimited customers 24/7 without additional efforts and marketing expenses.

3.     Affordable and Flexible

These signs are cost-effective and will look great outside your retail store. Many businesses use these sign printing tools for promoting their business without affecting their marketing budget. Besides that, you can easily replace, update, or discard these signs after the promotion ends. You can also save abundant money as these options reduce your maintenance cost.

Types of Sign Printing

Once you decide to place sign prints outside your store, consider choosing the type and material. Here are some popular options for sign printing:

1.     Vinyl Banners

Most businesses use this option as they are sturdy and weatherproof. Vinyl banners are perfect if you want to keep the sign for a long time. Even if you place these signs outside your store they will last for years. You can choose from these three materials:

  • Mesh Vinyl

If you want to place vinyl banner sign prints in a windy location, mesh vinyl would be the best choice. The air can easily flow through this material without tearing it out.

  • Premium Vinyl

These are one of the strongest vinyl banner options. Premium vinyl is mold and puncture-resistant. If you are looking for a tough sign, you can go with premium option.

  • Scrim Vinyl

This type is the perfect option for better visibility. However, you need to place them in front of bright lights.

Best Sign Printing NYC

2.     Retractable Banners

Utilize this option for conferences and trade shows. This material is waterproof and smooth. Also, you can easily uninstall, pack, and place them in another location.

3.     Step & Repeat Banners

Step and repeat banners are ideal for events. You can layout your brand logo several times and take your events in the right direction. You may have seen these banners in the photo booths as well. You can choose different sizes depending on the guests you want to fit in front of it.

4.     Yard Signs

You can set up these yard signs in front of your retail store using H-stakes. This option will increase the visibility of your brand and boost your message with the passerby. This is an affordable yet effective method of promotion.

5.     Reflective Adhesive Vinyl

These signs include adhesive material that will disperse the light in every direction so the audience can properly see your message. You can also use these signs for safety warnings.

Sign Printing: Conclusion

Now that you have the basic information about sign printing, you can decide the type and material of signs. You can use these signs for outdoor as well as for the indoor. These signs are affordable and effective to promote your message directly to the audience.

At Automation Graphics, we offer wide-ranging printing options so you can engage more audiences and increase your sales. If you are interested in printing highly visible signs to promote your brand or store, contact us at 646-205-3037 and discuss your needs with our experts.

Sign and Banner Printing: General Info & How Large Does It Get?

With the help of large-format vinyl printing methods, sign and banner printing services are now widely available. These are excellent for promotional purposes and have helped many businesses grow. Without the help of printing services, businesses would fail to create engaging promotional tools. The demand for sign and banner printing has increasingly grown, especially with the lasts technique and methods introduced in the printing industry.

You can design signs and banners according to your personal preferences. From different sizes to appearance, you can design fantastic banners with help from the right printing company. To learn more about sign and banner printing, read further below.

Sign and Banner Printing

The Process of Sign and Banner Vinyl Printing

One of the best ways to get your desired banners and signs is through the vinyl printing process. The first stage of the process is to decide on basic design aspects of your sign and banner. You can create the design using updated computer technologies and then recreate the digital image on vinyl using the software’s mechanical cutter. Make sure you provide the right design and include everything before you get the final digital image. Make sure to relate the image to your business or event you’re designing the banner/sign for.

The next stage involves presenting the final image to your nearby printing company. Most printing companies help you create a design for your sign or banner. With their help, you will gain professional advice as they get many customers who request an instant sign and banner printing.  Once the printing team has your design, they will upload it to their computers and format the design according to the vinyl sheet.

Then, it’s time to choose the type of surface you want to attach the vinyl to. You can choose any type of surface that preferably matches the theme of your banner or signs. You can choose between options like glass, metal, cloth and many other things, depending on what the print shop has to offer you. Some of these items involve unique processes. The surface has to match the size and shape of your design, so it sits well.

Once you attach the adhesive to your design, you can showcase your banner or sign anywhere.  Setting up a banner or sign, especially if it’s very big in size, can get very challenging. You will need professional help for that, and some print shops can offer it.  Make sure the design and size you choose matches the surface you plan to put up your banner/sign-on so that it sits well.

Banner & Sign Size

The size of your vinyl banner and sign will depend on how you want to showcase it and the purpose behind it. Signs and banners come in different sizes. You can get one as small or as big as you want.  Depending on your banner’s shape, if you’re going for a smaller vinyl banner, the perfect rectangular size would be 2′ x 3′. The biggest vertical outdoor vinyl banner would go as large as 4′ x 10′. You can consider the same measurements if you’re going for an indoor sign or banner, but make sure you customize it according to the size of the wall as some walls are smaller than others.

Factors to Consider When Design a Sign or Banner

If you want to make an eye-catching sign or banner and want it to receive adequate attention, you have to put in adequate effort. You should focus on two main things when designing your sign or banner:

§  The Colors

Choose the right color scheme and don’t go too overboard with the colors, as this will remove the main focus of the sign/banner, which is the information included on it. When selecting a color scheme, consider the outdoor and indoor space, so you choose colors that blend with the environment you’re placing it in. It’s best to stick with traditional colors like black and white unless you want something unique.

Best Sign and Banner Printing NYC

§  Fonts/Information

You must include the right amount of information. If you’re going for an outdoor banner or sign, limit the info to two lines. In outdoor spaces, people don’t have much time to read signs, especially if they’re driving past one. Don’t end up including a whole paragraph on your sign or banner, as that would just bore off your potential customers and put your banner/sign to waste. Adding necessary details like the purpose and contact is more than enough.

Sign and Banner Printing: Takeaway

Sign and banner printing can help generate traction for your business, help your products and services garner attention. For high-quality banner and sign printing, get in touch with us at Automation Graphics. We offer the best banner and signs printing services in NYC and the Tri-State area.

Automation Graphics
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Custom Yard Sign Printing

As the printing industry advances further, it is introducing different varieties of custom yard sign prints. Yard signs are quite an attractive feature, making them ideal for marketing different products and services, especially in the real estate industry. You can now get your own customized yard sign with all your requirements included. There are many options available when it comes to printing custom yard signs.

From choosing the display to how many sides it will have, customizing a yard sign is an engaging process. Besides real estate purposes, you can rely on yard signs to host different events or even as décor around your house or workplace. While some yard signs have wire stakes, others you can hang anywhere. If you plan to get a custom yard sign, read further below and learn about the printing process and other important information regarding custom yard sign printing.

Custom Yard Sign Printing

Printing Process of Custom Yard Signs

For custom yard signs, you opt for the large format printing process. This is a common printing method, and many print shops offer it. With this method, you can create various types of yard signs featuring customizable detailing. You can rely on various techniques to make your yard sign attractive. Features such as embossing, die cuts, foil stamping, and metallic ink give your yard sign a unique touch. This way, your yard signs can garner attention from the audience.

Advantages of a Custom Yard Sign Print

·       Weather Resistant

Yard signs contain durable corrugated plastic, which helps make it last in extreme weather conditions, especially if you’re placing your yard sign outdoor. If you happen to incur a heavy rainstorm in your region, your yard sign will luckily stay strong as ever due to its protection from heavy water exposure. The water-resistant feature helps prevent the sign from fading, which maintains its overall appearance.

·       Different Sizes Available

You will have many size options to choose from when making your customized yard sign. This gives you the freedom to place your yard sign anywhere and incorporate any size you want. You will have size options ranging from small to medium. So when choosing a size, considers the type of design you want in your sign and where you would want to place it.

·       Display Options

You can showcase your yard sign in two ways. You have the option of either hanging it against a wall or any hard surface or make it stand with the help of H-shaped stakes. These stakes help your sign stay still on the ground. When choosing a method to showcase it, consider your yard sign’s purpose and what you want it to achieve.

Custom Yard Sign Printing Shop NYC

How to Make Your Yard Sign Stand Out

If you’re going for a customizable yard sign, there’s a lot you can do to make it distinctive and eye-catching.  You need the right details that you will give your print shop who will help incorporate all your creative preferences in the yard sign. Mentioned below are a few ways you can make your yard sign attractive:

·       Minimize Colors and Fonts

Make sure not to go too overboard with the colors and font, as you don’t want to distract a potential customer from reading the necessary details in your yard sign. When choosing a color, stick to a color scheme with two to three colors and make sure the fonts are clear so it’s easier for everyone to read.

·       Mention a Call to Action

A yard sign without a call to action will not serve the purpose of having one. This is especially if you’re doing it to promote a product or service. Call to action includes your business details like the emails, number, etc. Create a creative call to action that’s attention-grabbing and will make the customer want to get in touch with you.

·       Go Light on the Words

Accept it; no one is going to want to read a whole paragraph on a yard sign. So when including a message, keep it as short and sweet as possible. Remember, people only have a few seconds to see an advertisement on a yard sign, especially if they’re passing by in a car. A maximum of two lines is more than enough.

How Much Will a Customized Yard Sign Printing Cost?

The cost of a customized yard sign print varies in different print shops. But to give you an idea, the cost will depend on your yard sign’s size and design, including how you showcase it. On average, a custom yard sign will cost around $6-$24.

Conclusion: Consult the Best Printing Company in NYC Automation Graphics

Yard signs are excellent marketing tools, so why not benefit from them? With the right help and details, you can get awesome custom yard sign printing. Reach out to us at Automation Graphics for help with your printing needs. Our experts can assist you in creating effective and eye-catching yard signs.

Sign and Banner Large Format Printing

You may have come across many large banners on buildings and signs such as stop signs or shop signs and wondered how these come about in the first place. Well, you have come to the right place as we will guide you on the process of large format printing and the steps involved. Large format printing is the ‘iPhone’ in today’s printing industry, and its use keeps growing daily. Fortunately, with the help of many digital changes, large format is comparatively easier to carry out than it was years ago.

What is Large Format Printing?

People use large format printing for big commercial and promotional purposes, and this type of printing has gained its popularity because of its colorful and defined appearance with the help of new digital processes. Large format printing has been carried out by printers for many years, but they were unable to present high-quality prints, which is now achievable using digital printers.

If your business is trying to promote a new product or service or if you are hosting a new event, then you should use large format printing to print out banners and signs for your new creation. Large-format prints have a way of people’s attention due to its bold fonts and customized designs. Yes, you can customize your large format prints however you want to. The best part about large format prints is that you can achieve banners up to as long as 5 meters long at an extremely low price compared to other printing types. Large-format prints are easily accessible in no time with the help of the latest technology, and it is one of the best quality prints you can attain.


There are various kinds of products that can be printed out through large format printing, and these products include banners, posters, retail graphics, stickers, signs, billboards, and much more.

Signs-Large Format Printing

Signs are a form of large format printing. Signs can have a big impact on your business or service as they can help you to aim at potential customers. Signs are mostly put outside shops or on busy streets because they have the ability to capture the attention and focus of passers-by. You can keep signs indoors, and they are also an eye-catching product depending on how attractive the outlook of the signage is. You can also print out customized signs, which allow you to put in your version of promotion, giving it a more stand out feature.

There are different types of materials you can print out signs from. These materials include cardboard, metal, Foamex, magnetic gloss, Dibond, and plastic.

The process of signage printing is very simple and digitalized. Firstly, you have to prepare the design of your sign online; the printer directly sends your design file to the machine. Printers use UV ink for printing large format prints like signs; this type of ink gives your finished product a bold look and also waterproofs the signs.

Banners- Large Format Printing

Banners are one of the most common forms of large format printing, and I’m sure you have seen banners run around big buildings at promotional events or festivals. The process of making banners is very simple yet technical; it the same way you print out signage as mentioned above. Printers normally use at least 13 ounces of a roll of vinyl and large format printers are able to print a maximum of 8 feet in width. These rolls are connected to the digital printer and hence, the computer processes and transfer your artwork directly onto the material. The fresh print then goes to the production department where your customized ideas take place. In order to make your banner look more presentable, the printer service sows the edges of the banner to prevent the sides from curling up. After this step, with the help of a sewing machine, printers continue to fold all four sides of the banner in order to produce a double-stitched hem for a presentable finish. You can also opt to add an extra feature such as aluminum grommets. These are circular metal rings that are inserted in the banner to make it easier to hang if need be.


It is advisable to you that you use banner printing if you want to advertise your product or service to a large crowd of people. People use banners for sales promotion, fundraisers, retail, sports event and other activities that need to be in the spotlight. So you can choose to advertise through banners for any of these reasons.

There are different types of banners that print shops offer. You can choose from mesh PVC banners, lamp post banners, premium PVC banners, fabric banner, recyclable banner, and economy PVC banners.


You don’t have to worry whether you’re advertising for your event, business, product or any other kind of major announcement, we have got you fully covered, offering you the best printing services in NYC. Contact us today to get started with printing out your large format prints.